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Fr. Erik Pohlmeier, Pastor
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Rev. Bhaskar Malapolu
Associate Pastor
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Rev. Taryn Whittington
Associate Pastor
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Matthew Glover, Don Greenway, 
Bo McAllister, 
Richard Patterson & Mike Rector

Parish Staff
Jackie Kaufman, Finance Officer Click to email Jackie Kaufman 225-6774 Ext 224
Carol Wold, Assistant Finance Officer Click to email Carol Wold  225-6774 Ext 226
Mary Catherine Burney, Director of Fundraising Activities Click to email Mary Catherine Burney 225-6774 Ext 225
Catherine Cole, Parish Secretary/Facilities Scheduler Click to email Catherine Cole 225-6774 Ext 221
Patty Barnett, Administrative Assistant to the Pastor Click to email Patty Barnett 225-6774 Ext 223
Lann Smith, Facilities Manager Click to email Lann Smith 295-5195
Susanne Parker Parish Data Administrator Click to email Susanne Parker 225-6774 Ext 222
Religious Education
Greg Donaldson, Director of Faith Formation Click to email Greg Donaldson 225-6774 Ext 284
Nila Cassandra, Assistant Director of Faith Formation  Click to email Nila Cassandra 225-6774 Ext 283
Teri Tribby, Director of Parish Life & Outreach Click to email Teri Tribby   225-6774 Ext 228 
Dr. Kevin Forte, Director of Music Ministry Click to email Dr. Kevin Forte 225-6774 Ext 261
Katherine Mentzer, Director of Nursery/Mother’s Day Out Click to email Katherine Mentzer 225-0711
Susan Baldwin, Director of Seniors’ Ministry Click to email Susan Baldwin 225-6774 Ext 250
Bevie Davies, Director of Youth Ministry Click to email Bevie Davies 225-6774 Ext 260
Becky Ridgeway, Assoc. Director of Youth Ministry Click to email Becky Ridgeway 225-6774 Ext 262
Kenzie Cundall, After School Care Click to email Kenzie Cundall  225-6774 Ext 253 
Kathy House, Principal Click to email Kathy House 225-7883 Ext 233
Paige Coppola, Assistant Principal Click to email Paige Coppola 225-7883 Ext 234
Jennifer Reynolds, Development Director Click to email Jennifer Reynolds 225-7883 Ext 239
Vicke Kordsmeier, Pre-K Director Click to email Vicke Kordsmeier 225-7883
Cynthia Roberts, Administrative Assistant Click to email Cynthia Roberts 225-7883 Ext 245
Diane McDaniel, School Secretary Click to email Diane McDaniel 225-7883 Ext 236