May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Prayer of Healing

Prayer of Healing for All in our Parish Who Are Sick or Suffering

God our Father, source of all health, be near those who suffer
in time of weakness and pain;
Relieve them of burden and heal them, if it be Your will.
Give peaceful sleep to those who need rest for soul and body,
and be with them in their hours of silence.
Bless those who know not what another day will bring.
Make them ready for whatever it may be, whether they must stand,
or sit, or be confined, grant them a strong spirit.
Inspire with Your love those who bring healing and care to the suffering.
May they bestow Your gifts of health and strength wherever they go.
Grant this prayer, through Christ our Lord.   Amen

Prayer of Healing for Mary Drake

jnt95huc79isb0fijr3h8xfavel.jpgLoving Father,
You are the giver of all life. You know us and love us beyond all measure.
You know all our needs.
Lord, we come to You in dire need. We pray and beg for the healing of Mary Drake.
Lift her up, free her from the illness that binds her and restore her to full health.
Fill her with the presence of Jesus, Your Son, Our Savior, in Jesus,
Healer and Divine Physician, reach and touch Mary with Your merciful embrace.
Show us again the power of Your Name that we may praise You all the more
and give witness to You.
Send your Holy Spirit upon Mary and her family.
Spirit of peace and joy and love and power, fill Mary with life and hope and strength.
Renew and restore Mary’s fighting spirit and broken body.
Fill Mary’s family with the peace beyond all understanding.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, hear our prayers.
Grant us what we truly need in accord with Your will.
Whatever You do we thank You.
We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

Blessed Mother Mary, intercede for us and wrap Mary Drake in your loving mantle.
Angels of God be near Mary and stand guard over her.
St. Luke and St. Raphael the Archangel, patrons of doctors, please guide the
doctors and nurses as they care for Mary.

In Your Loving Name We Pray.