May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

About Our Parish

Christ the King Catholic Church is a Catholic community of nearly 6,000 followers of Jesus Christ who are called to love God and to love one another.  We have been a family for fifty years now, a family that has grown, changed, and developed as an active and exciting community of faith.

We gather in the name of Jesus Christ to proclaim the truth about who He is and who we are.  He is our King, our Lord, sent by the Father to give us the one gift we are incapable of giving ourselves, eternal life.  When we gather as a Church family, we celebrate that gift.

This God who is King and Lord also understands the challenges of our daily life and walks with us.  He understands that each of us is in a different stage of the journey toward heaven.  As a community we welcome and support each other in many ways. 

We welcome you to be a member of this community if you are seeking support or giving support.  Help us to live as brothers and sisters, as members of the family of God.


In Christ,

Fr. Erik Pohlmeier