May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Good Friday Letter

Good Friday Letter from Fr. Erik

April 10, 2020

Dear CTK parishioner,
Good Friday is never a normal day. How much more so this year? It is the one day of the year that Mass is not celebrated anywhere in the world. This is even more striking given the fact that so few people can go to Mass in person. This restriction caused by a pandemic gives way today to a different kind of restriction. We don’t celebrate today because we remember the greatest of all sacrifices. Today we mourn the death of our Savior.
But, we still call this GOOD Friday. We know that the restriction is temporary because the death of our Savior was brief. The grave cannot contain him and soon we will celebrate again. Our mourning on this day is mixed with hope, but still we pause. We don’t rush past the incredible sacrifice of our God who gives everything.
The description that strikes me today is emptying. Jesus emptied himself. He poured out everything, holding back no ounce of strength. From his cry upon the cross we see a man who knows the depth of human suffering. He takes up his cross and asks us to take up our own and follow him.
During a time when we are asked to make various sacrifices, we hold them today in a different light. For every fear you face, for all distancing that separates you from others, for unanswered questions that weigh you down look to the cross of Jesus. Embrace your crosses as He embraced His. Unite your suffering to His so that you may also share the life He brings. Suffer for a time and let hunger grow in you. Pause in this moment and feel the love of the God who gives everything.
To help you with this pause to reflect I suggest two passages of scripture. Look for some time today to read them slowly. Ask Jesus to help you understand the words with faith, to see in them the love He offers to you. Help your family members have some time in quiet and then share with each other how God speaks.
Spend some time with Psalm 22
Spend some time with Philippians 2:5-11
I pray this Friday will be Good in the fullest sense. Know that the God who lives with you loves you. Let him embrace you with the love that gives everything.
In Christ,
Fr. Erik