May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Fr. Erik Letter May 1

Letter from Fr. Erik

1 May 2020

Dear CTK parishioner,
May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker and is a perfect day to pray for all the workers of our lives. During the coronavirus crisis workers have come into a distinct focus. We have appreciated the workers who provide services we depend on. Some are fighting the virus in direct ways and others are helping us cope in the best ways we can. Other workers, however, have lost their jobs and livelihood without clear paths of return. For them we seek the intercession of St. Joseph.
I am also grateful for the work of many people at Christ the King parish during the crisis. Our staff has adjusted with calm and with faith and looked for ways to adapt and still reach out in service. I am grateful for many volunteers who have worked through prayer and planning and advising to keep up hope for the day we can return to worship and activities in our church.
Part of that effort has been ongoing discussions about the mission of Christ the King Parish. While the parish has a designated mission committee I am speaking here about the larger sense of mission that is God’s expectation for our whole parish. In previous communication I have asked you to consider how God will lead you out of this time of quarantine. I have asked you to think not of a “return to normal,” but of a step into a new normal. This is also the challenge for our parish as a whole.
Next week we expect to get the date for when we can resume public masses and what restrictions will remain in place. My hope is that our return will be with clear sight about our need to move forward into the moment of grace this challenge provides. As we return with a hunger for God in the Eucharist, let us also hunger for His will for this moment.
In light of the need to respond to God’s mission for us, his people in this place at this time, we are working on a mission statement. The goal is to articulate both the values long part of CTK parish and our response to the needs of our time. In this process, now is the time of prayer and ideas and discussion. Our world today has particular needs and the current crisis is likely to highlight many of them. God will respond, but he will use his disciples to do so. Each of us must consider our personal response as his disciples.
To help focus your prayer as a disciple I ask you to take time to watch this video:
Hopefully it will raise many questions in you. The response that is needed can’t be the work of only a few. The need to bring faith into our world can only be met to the degree each of us does our part, to the degree that each of us responds to my own particular call from God. Consider this video in light of your children at home and those living on their own. Consider this video in light of how you experience your faith and answer the hard questions of life. Our mission in our time is the same mission Jesus gives to his followers in the Gospels, “Go, and make disciples.”
God is at work among us, he is pointing us on the path that leads to life. Listen to his voice. St. Joseph the Worker, pray for the work we do for the needs of our time.
In Christ,
Fr. Erik