May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Father Erik Letter 4/3/20



Dear CTK parishioner,


With this letter today I want to focus on Holy Week that begins this Sunday. This is the week we remember the love and power of a God who took on the consequences of our sins, who gave himself and defeated death so that we might live. Who would have imagined that our celebrations of Salvation itself would be interrupted by a global pandemic? During a time when our churches are normally the fullest they will be starkly empty.


And yet, what we celebrate during these days has already happened. Jesus has been born into history to share our lives fully. Jesus shares in every part of human life and now shares our struggle with this virus. He comforts those who are alone or afraid. He points the way to the promise of new life. What we celebrate during Holy Week is a victory already won. The point of our celebrations is to benefit us, to help us open our hearts and receive the grace God gives now.


This Holy Week will obviously be different than ever before, but I encourage you to commit yourself more fully to the celebrations of these days. Even with separation from the church building you can be connected to your family of faith that shares the one God as Father. He loves you fully where you are and will come into your homes if you welcome Him.


At the parish we will adapt our celebrations for the reality of streaming by video. I am recommending various ways you can prepare for the celebrations and engage them alone or with your family. Last week’s email gave suggestions for Mass from home, and so please look back at that as well. Please prepare the following as fully as you are able.


Palm Sunday

  • For the reading of the Passion print this copy ­­­­­­­­­or use devices to follow along
  • Come to church and pick up palms in the parking lot in the afternoon (while supplies last)


Palm Sunday Passion Reading


Holy Thursday

  • Prepare a pitcher with water, a basin and towels. Just after the homily during this Mass we will allow time for family members to wash each other’s feet. Music will accompany this time for those watching alone to meditate on the significance of this holy night.
  • Plan to take time after Mass for quiet prayer to remember Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and asking the apostles to watch with him. (Mt 26:40)



Good Friday

  • For the reading of the Passion print this copy ­­­­­­­­or use devices to follow along
  • Have a cross ready for Veneration of the Cross when the time comes for you to kiss the cross at home.


Good Friday Passion Reading


Easter Vigil

  • For the singing of the Exsultet you can follow with this copy. This ancient and beautiful song is great for prayerful reflection on the mysteries of Easter.
  • During the Easter Vigil water is blessed and will include small bottles for you to take. They will be placed outside the church on Easter Sunday like the palms of Palm Sunday.


The Exsultet 2020


Easter Sunday

  • During the day read Exodus 12:23-28. God instructed the Israelites to celebrate their salvation from slavery and protection from death and to explain to their children why they celebrate. Explain to your children in your own words why we celebrate Easter.
  • Come to the church and pick up holy water blessed for Easter (while supplies last)



If you are unable to participate via our live streaming of the Holy Week Masses here is a document to guide simpler ways for families to mark these days. Included in this document are questions for discussion that would be helpful for everyone.


Holy Week at Home


In Christ,

Fr. Erik



Palm Sunday 10:00am

Holy Thursday 6:00pm

Good Friday Stations 3:00pm (last year’s CYM live stations)

Good Friday Service 6:00pm

Easter Vigil 7:00pm

Easter Sunday 10:00am