May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Father Erik Letter march27

27 Mar 2020


Last Sunday I asked you to reflect this week on Ephesians 3: 14-21. St. Paul reminds us that we believe in a God who can give us, “more than we can ask or imagine.” On this Friday many questions remain about where this crisis is headed. As the days stretch out we might feel our anxiety rising. Since the end is not yet in sight worry can creep in. But, we remain standing on the firm foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ. I hope that the repeated refrain in your life can be, “God brings good out of all things.”


With families spring break is ending and the new routines for school begin again. With nice weather our desire to get out and around are restricted somewhat. As we learn of new cases of the virus we pray for the sick, their families and the medical community working to treat them. Through all of it God is present. During Lent the sacrifice of Jesus captures our attention. This shows us a God who walks with us, who carries His cross to make our cross lighter. Believe that God knows and shares whatever struggle weighs you down.


We continue to offer the daily Mass at noon and speak in homilies about the parts of the Mass. We pray this will help you participation even from home. This preaching series will continue until Easter and will be available as recordings later. Thank you for all the encouraging words about this practice.


With this message I want to recommend two resources in addition to all that you can find on our parish website.


The first is a graphic that gives suggestions for the best ways to participate in Mass from home. These tips can help you to engage more fully and get the most out of the experience of Mass by video even as we long to return and be fed by Our Lord.


The second resource is a worksheet to help recognize the ways God has worked in your life over the years. It is called Discover Your Story and I recommend that you commit some time to prayerful reflections on the questions you will find. This is a wonderful way to become more aware of the fact that God has always been with you. The more clearly you understand your life in light of God’s presence the easier it is to follow him now. I encourage you to spend some time alone with these questions and then sit down with your spouse and other loved ones to share your answers. Discover the work of God in new ways so that he can bring good out of the situation in your life today.


Discover Your Story


My next email will give plans for our celebration of Holy Week through the electronic means that we have. Be on the lookout.


God bless you all. You are in my daily prayers.


In Christ,

Fr. Erik