May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Father Erik Letter 7-2-20

Letter from Father Erik

July 2, 2020

Dear CTK parishioners,


I have not written a letter to the whole parish since we resumed our celebration of public Mass. I am grateful that our return has gone smoothly. This has been the result of a lot of effort from our staff and volunteers and because of the patience and cooperation of all who have come. I continue to pray for all of you and look forward to the day when everyone is comfortable returning to celebrating with us in person.

We are slowly beginning to have other types of gatherings, while maintaining physical distance and wearing masks. This can be difficult, but it is clear that we must remain cautious as we ease back. If there is some way your parish and staff can serve you please contact our office. We want to remain attentive to all and reach out to those who might feel isolated.

During this time we have also been working to clarify the mission of Christ the King Parish. A lot of good work has been done for a long time in our parish, and many people have shared stories of growing in their faith within our community. But, this pandemic has raised many questions and caused continued uncertainty. It is a good time to consider the work of our parish in today’s world. It is a good time to ask God what direction we should follow in response to the needs of our time.  In the coming months we will seek input from the whole parish about the mission God has for us.

In the meantime we must intentionally seek God’s will. Our efforts can only bear fruit to the degree that we let the Holy Spirit inspire and work through us. Because of the importance of seeking God’s will I am here announcing a weekly effort in prayer. I have spoken with our parish staff and we have committed to 30 minutes of prayer for our parish each week. Our staff will gather in the church at 11:30am each Wednesday leading up to the noon Mass. We will pray for the intentions of our parishioners. We will reflect on the Word of God and the teachings of His Church. We will ask God to send His Holy Spirit to point the way and strengthen us to follow.

And, you are invited.

Please know that everyone is welcome to join in this time of prayer. We all share in the work God has in store for Christ the King. We can only bear fruit as fully as God desires when we each do our part. If you can’t come on Wednesday I am asking every parishioner to commit some time each week to pray specifically for our work as a whole parish and your part in carrying out our mission. Ask God to help you make your part a priority in your life no matter how large or small. As Jesus tells us, “But seek first the kingdom [of God] and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides (Mt 6:33).”

During the time of pandemic, God is not absent. We believe in a God who brings hope in suffering and points through the cross to life. Please join our shared effort to see the hope that comes with faith and pray for the strength to carry out God’s mission in our time.


In Christ,

Fr. Erik