May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Father Erik Letter 12-30-20

December 30, 2020
Dear CTK Parishioner,
On the verge of a new year we are hopeful for what God will do in our world and in our lives. As Catholics we begin the new year celebrating the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God. God chose to enter the world through Mary and we honor her now because God did. His chosen vessel was, and remains the channel of grace in the world.
This will be our schedule for this holy day of obligation.
Thursday, Dec 31 Vigil Mass at 5:30
Friday, Jan 1 Mass at 9:00, 10:30, Noon
In addition we will welcome the new year with an hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to begin at 11:00pm on Dec 31. All are welcome to join.
This is also a good time to announce a couple other devotional practices coming soon.
The first is a novena to the Infant of Prague. For many years Christ the King church has had a statue of the Infant of Prague near the exit on the north side of the church. The feast day for this devotion is January 14th and this year we want to draw attention to the statue we have. Beginning on Jan 6 we will pray the novena prayer together five minutes before Mass starts. This will conclude with the celebration of the feast day at the noon Mass of Jan 14. You can find the prayers for the novena HERE. Cards with the prayers will be available in the church.
I would like to give a brief history of this devotion. The statue started as a wedding gift to inspire devotion to the Child Jesus for a new family. After some years with this family it was given to a group of Carmelite priests. Eventually that monastery fell on hard times and the statue was nearly lost. It was recovered and became a particular source of inspiration as that Carmelite community was also restored. Soon after, various reports of miracles brought more widespread attention and more prayer. Over time the devotion spread around the world as copies of the statue inspired greater faith. The image is striking for its depiction of the Child Jesus as a king clothed in elaborate robes. The robes are often changed to reflect the liturgical season of the year.  Further explanation can be found HERE and HERE.
For this novena we will pray together for the ongoing growth in faith of our parish and your personal intentions. Consider what intentions you would like to entrust to Jesus as the Infant of Prague and join us for this time of prayer.
The second devotion I want to highlight has already begun. Pope Francis has declared a Year of St. Joseph. You can read about this HERE. We are planning ways to honor St. Joseph during this year, but are not yet ready with all of the details. Please look for more information in the weeks to come.
Devotional prayer has long been a powerful way to bring communities together in seeking a closer relationship with God. Devotions often tap into the human need for something concrete that can elevate us toward God. These practices are a good way to begin the new year and I pray they will bear fruit in your lives.
In Christ,
Fr. Erik