May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Emergency Closing/Inclement Weather Policy

If weather conditions are expected to be hazardous to driving, the following guidelines will apply:

  1. Two policies may apply to hazardous weather conditions:  the Best Judgment policy and the Chapel Suspension policy, as defined below.

  2. If bad weather occurs unexpectedly (such as tornado or severe thunderstorm warnings) and without enough time for official action regarding suspension, the Best Judgment policy will be in effect.

  3. If  bad weather is anticipated (such as snow or ice overnight), The Program Coordinator (PC) will communicate with Fr. Erik to determine his preference for addressing potential bad weather.  Fr. Erik may decide to implement either the Best Judgment policy or the Chapel Suspension policy.   Father Erik will determine the specific times for suspending and for resuming Adoration.

  4. The PC will send an email to all Adorers for whom an email address is available.

  5. The PC will also notify all Division Coordinators and Hour Coordinators through email.

  6. Adorers may receive updates on potential actions through receipt of an email notification. If this is not an option, Adorers should contact their Hour Coordinator for updates.

Best Judgment Policy

Adorers are asked to use their best judgment in terms of safety for driving to the Chapel.  If you have concerns about your safety, do not drive.  If you should become concerned at any time while in the Chapel or if your replacement does not show up, simply cover the Monstrance, blow out the candles, and leave.

Adoration Suspension Policy

Adoration is suspended due to weather conditions.  The following general guidelines for resuming Adoration will be applied:

Adoration is usually suspended on a day by day basis, scheduled to resume at 9AM the following day.  If the next day is a normally scheduled school day, but the CTK School is closed, Adoration will remain suspended until the following day.  If unsure as to school status, check news broadcasts for school closings or the CTK website.

If the next day is not a normally scheduled school day (i.e. vacation, weekend) but the weather is still questionable, check your email or contact your Hour Coordinator.  If in doubt, use Best Judgment Policy.