May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Easter Monday Letter

Easter Monday Letter
April 13, 2020
Dear CTK parishioner,
Christ is Risen! Alleluia!
This Easter proclamation signals the most significant moment in history. Stop for a second and consider this claim…“the most significant moment in history.”
St. Paul puts it this way, “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” (1Cor 15:14)
Since we are living in our own historic moment right now, take some time to reflect on the Resurrection of Jesus as part of your history. I imagine you consider your faith important and I pray it helps you during this pandemic. Catholic faith hinges on Jesus rising from the dead. It is what justifies everything else Jesus did. Only God could have such power and so Jesus is God. This Jesus, with power over death, is the one who offers life to you and to me. Easter is worth celebrating.
In the Church we celebrate Easter as a season that continues for fifty days until Pentecost. Catholics typically respond well to the season of Lent in anticipation, but seem to return to normal quickly after Easter Sunday. Given the unusual circumstances we are in and the continued social distancing we practice, try to make this year different.
Take time to consider how you might mark Easter as a season. As a guide, consider how you handle Lent . Are there practices you could take on that are not sacrifices? Is there some spiritual practice that would help you celebrate the life God gives? We are conscious of sin during Lent and now we should be conscious of the grace of God because we reconcile with God.
As one suggestion I am recommending some talks and reflections I presented just before our shut down a month ago. It is called a Kerygma retreat and Kerygma just means the basic Gospel message. The goal of these talks is to present what Jesus actually taught. Jesus reveals the plan of God for all creation and these talks present God’s plan in five stages. If you can memorize these five stages you can say with confidence that you know what Jesus taught. The difficulty is living what Jesus taught.
Along with these talks is a document you can print with questions to help you live what Jesus taught, to make it part of your life and faith. My recommendation is that you work your way through these materials slowly. Listen to the talk and then make some time for quiet reflection to answer the questions that correspond.
You can find the link to the talks HERE and the document HERE.
My prayers for you continue during this Easter season. May the life of the Risen Christ be tangible in your daily life.
In Christ,
Fr. Erik