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Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM)





Dress Code

Diocesan Liability Waiver, Medical Consent, Code of Behavior Forms

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We strive to provide a program that gives our youth the truths of our Catholic faith, helping them to move their “head knowledge” of our faith into their hearts, by giving them experiences:

  • to grow in community
  • to encounter Christ and grow in their relationship with Him
  • to know they are loved unconditionally

The Christ the King youth program is designed primarily for high school youth in grades 9 through 12.  Senior High students have regularly scheduled meetings and activities.   Additionally, some special events and programs are scheduled for Junior High youth.  Our youth group members are encouraged to participate in religious, service, and social activities throughout the year, including diocesan youth events and conferences. Be sure to check out the monthly calendar for all of the latest activities.  The Youth Center is located on the first floor of the Ministries Building South.

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For more information, contact our Youth Office at 501.225.6774 Ext 260 or email  [email protected]



Covid Waiver

Diocesan Paperwork

Youth Advisory Team Mission Statement.

We strive to fulfill the potential of our life in Christ, serving in our youth ministry program as “disciple leaders” by:

  • encouraging growth in our Catholic faith together
  • leading with a Christ-like example
  • working together as a team to plan, organize and implement activities to accomplish CYM goals
  • helping to create a warm and hospitable environment, inviting and encouraging peers to participate and remain active


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Youth Advisory Team 

Alex Blair,Mackenzie Ferguson, Miriam Harper, Grace McKay, Paul Moellers, Daniel Ridgeway, Mack Shenker, Caleb Spellins, Eliza Spellins, Erin Strickland, Matteo Volpi, Annie Wendel 

Adult Advisory Board
Marvin Boyd, Bevie Davies, Jenna Harris, Kenzie Cundall and Becky Ridgeway 

Team Jesus
 Team Jesus is the high school youth band of Christ the King parish. Our music ministry serves the church by providing music at the 1st Sunday youth mass each month. In addition to these masses, Team Jesus supports the diocese by providing music at all diocesan youth rallies, including the Weekend for Life and State Youth Convention. For additional information, contact Becky Ridgeway in the youth office, 501-225-6774