May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always

Catholic Resources During Coronavirus



In the face of our extended time dealing with the many effects of the coronavirus we want to offer some spiritual resources.
On this page you will find categories of resources that can be used individually or in families.

In my HOMILY  from our last public mass.  I spoke about my hopes for these weeks.
In our live streamed Masses we have been explaining each part of the Mass to assist your celebration from home.

In these resources you will find opportunities for personal growth and suggestions for living the faith as a family. We are also open to additional recommendations of resources and practices. Please email suggestions you have to Susanne Parker ([email protected]) and we will consider adding it to the list.

Let God lead you to a closer relationship with him during this uncertain and difficult time.
Never forget that God can bring good out of everything when we place our hope and trust in Him.

** Most of these sites are free to use. Some do require you to subscribe or simply make an account. **


Christ the King Church Live Mass

Our parish will offer Mass live on its YouTube Channel Monday - Friday and Sundays at noon. No Saturday Masses. 

The Mass will be recorded to be watched at your leisure.



Daily Mass with Pope Francis

Watch the Holy Father celebrate daily Mass from the Vatican. The YouTube videos offer English translation of the original Italian.

Catholic Extension

This ministry is making Sunday Masses available online at 10 a.m. (central time) from mission parishes across the United States.

CatholicTV Network

This ministry of the Archdiocese of Boston is offering daily Mass in English and Spanish.

Relevant Radio

This ministry out of Green Bay, Wisconsin offers daily Mass at noon (central time) on its websiteRelevant Radio App or on Facebook.



DOLR COVID-19 Resources 

The Diocese of Little Rock website has a list of links and Catholic resources during this difficult time such as prayer resources, places to watch Mass, scriptures and reflections, a list of special confession times, and faith formation.  

Center for Disease Control - CDC





EWTN Global Catholic Television Network

EWTN has a mobile app and online website that has the times guide for Masses as well as access to a ton of stream-able content. Of course Mass is streamed on there several times a day. This time of year there are fascinating programs that tour the Holy Land, dramatic productions of Christ’s ministry, death, resurrection and the early church, and prayer services.

Here you can find a Lenten study and daily devotionals.  

Helpful Mobile Apps

  • iBreviary
  • Sacred Space
  • Laudate


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Ascension Press Fr. Mike Schmitz Video Archive 

Fr. Mike Schmitz is a dynamic Catholic priest and speaker. At Ascension Press you can find his video archive. Fr. Mike has a video on everything you can think of from the Eucharist, to the Mass, to lent, to dating. Informative, engaging, and entertaining, you’ll love Fr. Mike!






Christ The King has subscribed to a dynamic new online platform called FORMED. Every parishioner will have 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device, including your computer, smartphone and tablet with internet access. With FORMED you’ll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith, explore the deepest meaning of marriage, receive Bible studies on a variety of topics, all with incredible content for the kids.  It includes over 4,000 titles, inspiring audio talks, eBooks and Great movies for Family night. All can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet.  It can also be viewed on Roku, Apple TV, and other platforms.  You’ll find presenters like Bishop Robert Barron, Dr. Brant Pitre, Fr. Michael Gaitley, Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Edward Sri, Chris Stefanick, Dr. Scott Hahn and a lot more. They’re all part of our parish subscription. It truly is the Catholic faith - on demand. For assistance email Gre Donalson (gdonldson


Here is another great resource for Catholic education and activities. MagnifiKid has comics and activities and even a weekly mass guide.

Catholic Brain

Catholic Brain has great youth faith formation lessons and activities. There are videos, quizzes, all sorts of content to help your kiddo learn more about their Catholic faith in an interactive way.

EWTN Mobile App

EWTN has a mobile app that has the times guide as well as access to a ton of stream-able content. On most weekdays at the 3 PM hour, there’s children’s programming. They have a Divine Mercy Chaplet specifically for children.

Holy Heroes

Holy Heroes has lent specific content and activities, and they will have Easter content as well. They also have Mass sheets and activities that can help kids stay connected to the readings each Sunday. This could be an especially helpful guide if families are watching televised streams of the Mass at home. 

Catholic Icing

Catholic Icing is a wonderful resource especially for our little kids. There are crafts, printable coloring sheets, recipes, so much more.  Catholic Icing also has a blog for parents.

Tiny Saints

Tiny Saints is offering free printable activities and coloring sheets. There is also a fun, short personality quiz that will tell the kids which saint he or she is most like.


High School Youth


Ascension Press Fr. Mike Schmitz Video Archive

Fr. Mike Schmitz is a dynamic Catholic priest and speaker. At Ascension Press you can find his video archive. Fr. Mike has a video on everything you can think of from the Eucharist, to the Mass, to lent, to dating. Informative, engaging, and entertaining, you’ll love Fr. Mike!

LifeTeen Blogs

LifeTeen is a great resource for our Catholic youth. Follow this link, and you will find blogs on faith, prayer, relationships, life, and culture.

SteubySTL 365 Blog, Talks, and Videos 

The Steubenville Youth Conference is a nation-wide youth conference where teens encounter Jesus through talks and videos by inspirational Catholics. Adoration is another highlight of the experience. SteubySTL 365 is a resource that allows youth to have the Steubenville experience 365 days a year. Get engaged and inspired by the blogs, talks, and videos.

Virtual Youth Ministry Nights from 7-8 PM Sundays - TBD

Wild Goose TV

Wild Goose TV allows you access to tons of videos and content about our Catholic faith.




That Man Is You

That Man Is You is a program for Catholic men who are looking for a deeper spiritual connection. They have a seven-step video series that addresses everything from honoring wedding vows to using your money for others to seeing God in yourself and others. On the website you can find testimonials of other men who have completed the program. Check it out!

Those Catholic Men

Those Catholic Men is a blog for those Catholic men in your life. You can find blogs and videos that are specifically for men. You can also find this group on Facebook and YouTube. One of their most recent blogs talks about how St. Joseph helped to form Jesus as a Man by Jason Craig. They have many blogs on a range of topics, check them out!

The Catholic Gentleman

The Catholic Gentleman is a blog and podcast community. Read their mission straight from the source, “The Catholic Gentleman exists to inspire men to holiness—to love God, to serve others, and to deny self. We are a community of Catholic men like you, giving our lives in service to Christ the King by sacrificing for our families, our neighbors, and the good of the Church.

Our motto is “Vires per ministerium”, which means “Strength through service.” It is based on Christ’s teaching that, “the greatest among you will be your servant.” True greatness is not found in worldly power, but in the call to lay down our lives in love for the good of others.

Join us!” (

Catholic Family Men

This Catholic blog for family men finds its roots in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You can find many resources there for inspiration and education including the “#1 Lesson for Husbands and Fathers in Christ”. Check it out!





Blessed is She

Blessed is She is an online ministry for Catholic women. They provide daily devotionals from their devotion writers that correspond with the daily Mass readings. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram wher they have even more Catholic content for you.

Bellator Society

At the Bellator Society you can find podcasts and blogs all about the Catholic faith. The two women who produce the podcast and blog are engaging and fun to listen to. You may even recognize one of them as CTK’s own Francehelle Jaeger.





Here you can find information and updates for senior's and people over 50.

Silver Sneakers

Here you can find resources for fitness and health for seniors.




Food Resources

Helping Hand 

The Helping Hand of Greater Little Rock is a food pantry, thrift shop and provider of limited financial assistance to thousands of families in Central Arkansas.  501-372-4388

Arkansas Foodbank 

The Arkansas Foodbank partners with more than 350 charitable agencies across Central and Southern Arkansas to distribute food to families in need.  There is an Agency Locator Map on the Foodbank website.



From the Entergy Website: With the support of our regulators we will temporarily suspend customer disconnects as we continue to monitor the situation until further notice. Updated 3/16/20

Call Entergy at 800-368-3749 for additional information and payment plans


Unemployment Insurance

State of Arkansas has relaxed its unemployment insurance rules.  People who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19 may apply on-line, the one week waiting period is waived, and there will be no requirement to prove a weekly job search.  Information from the Governor’s office about filing a claim is at the link above.