May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you always


A Commitment to Serve

“The forms and tasks of life are many but there is one holiness, which is cultivated by all who are led by God’s Spirit… All, however, according to their own gifts and duties must steadfastly advance along the way of a living faith, which arouses hope and works through love.”96l9j8m68kbjmbt9mst4qv7r1zl.jpg

The Second Vatican Council (1964)
Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, #41

As members of the Church, our challenge is to alternate meeting with God in the quiet of our hearts while serving others.  We are here to share all of our God-given gifts and talents and to put them into action – living our faith through works of love. Whether we choose to be a part of the Honduras Mission or participate in the Usher Ministry or help with Rexfest, abundant  challenges and opportunities are before us here at Christ the King.

The Benedictine Order has a famous saying that helps the monks and sisters keep their focus.  The Benedictine motto is, “Ora et labora.”  “Pray and work.”  Not too much of one; not too much of the other, but both in good measure.

May the Lord bless our comings and our goings, our work and our rest, our prayer and our service to God’s  people. For more information about how to serve your Church, please call the Church Office at 501.225.6774.