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Summer Altar Serving for Daily Masses


This opportunity is open to all ‘rising” 6th graders in addition to all current servers.  The rising 6th graders will be paired with either their sibling or an older server to receive “on the job” training.  Their actual “formal" training will be offered in the fall!  This is an excellent opportunity to gain “comfort” experience before having to serve at Sunday Masses.  Let me stress that this is ONLY FOR DAILY MASSES.  Sunday serving is always scheduled through the church office.

If you are interested, you may respond directly to me via the email below or through the church email which ultimately comes to  me.  PLEASE respond quickly so that I can create that server schedule as quickly as possible.  Summer serving will begin June 10th and end Tuesday, August 13.

 Click Here to sign up online OR

Please provide the following information:

(Email Kathy Wendel, at [email protected])

  • Server Name
  • Grade/School
  • Email Address & Phone
  • Specify how often you would like to serve (weekly, once or twice, or
    as often as possible)
  • Dates that you are NOT available due to vacation or other conflicts
  • Additional comments (special scheduling requirements such as car pooling
    with another server).  
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate your special requests. 

Questions? Contact Kathy Wendel at 501.821.3770 or [email protected]